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Beijing Travel Reviews, Beijing Travelogue

Selected Beijing Travel Reviews, Beijing Travelogue from the valuable guests who either haved used our travel service or volunteered to write to us with happily slanted insights! Copious photos and travelogues, travel tips plus inside information about local food, history and languages.

" Jinshanling Great Wall and Simatai Great Wall " >>> Post by Steffanie from Indonesia
This isn't a duplicate entry, I was so impressed with my visit to the Great Wall at Mutianyu that I wanted to go again. This time I went to Jinshanling. It's less well preserved or restored than the other sections of Wall and allegedly had better scenery.
Its a bit of a trek and took us over 2.5hrs to get there. I went with Ali, Bonita and Tom who I had met at the hostel. We used Mrs. R. Ye this time who is Mr. R. Ye's wife (Introduced as Driver Wife!). The cost was a little more expensive than the previous trip, at RMB 300 (£30), but at nearly twice the distance it was good value.
Even more remote than Mutianyu and much more rugged, Jinshanling was almost empty when we got there. Some of the sections are almost vertical and in poor condition so climbing it can be a little tricky. Still the reward is some of most spectacular views of the wall and a backdrop to match.
We had about three hours here and it was probably just right. Due to the crumbling nature of the walls, some sections don't offer any shielding from the Mountain Views elements, which can be unforgiving on a cold day. Still we managed to get quite far before time caught us out and we had to head back.
If you're going to the great wall for the first time then I would recommend Mutianyu, If you have some additional time and like walking then Jinshanling is a better representation of the wall as it is today and allows for a four hour walk to Simatai, which is also well regarded.

" Great Wall and Summer Palace bus tour(July of 2008) " >>> Post by Adil Hajjoubi from United Kingdom
We got up at 6:30, ate a tasty buffet breakfast in the hotel and boarded the tour bus at 8:00. Off to the Great Wall! From this point in the wall you can go right or left. Right is an easier incline, but left has a better view and there are fewer people. So we chose left. Oye.
It was extremely hot and humid. I'd like to say that's the only reason I had such a hard time. But alas, I must admit, I am WAY out of shape. (I don't even know where the gym is on Camp Hovey!) After what seemed like a few minutes I was panting, sweating, feeling dizzy and nauseous. But we made it to the step that says "1000" (don't know if that's 1000 steps, or feet, or kilometers- I personally think kilometers, because that's what it felt like, although that might not be reasonable). But the view was stunning and I took a few moments to sit and take in the idea that I was sitting on the Great Wall of China. I knew I'd never be back and I just wanted to enjoy the feeling.
After a well deserved ice cream at the base of the Wall we boarded the (air-conditioned!) bus and headed for lunch at the "Friendship Store" which was just a large building with lots of Chinese arts, pottery and cheesy trinkets tourists should be ashamed to buy. But I DID buy some gorgeous paintings. (We try to buy at least one nice piece for our home in every city we go to- I'll take a picture of them and add it to this blog.)
Next stop was the Summer Palace, where the Dragon Lady lived out her eccentric days. We took a ferry boat across the river and docked in front of the amazing palace. We didn't go inside (there wasn't that much time, and it was probably much like the other palaces we have seen) but instead walked up and down the world's longest corridor, ate a popsicle that tasted like peach/pear/cotton candy and people-watched. Or, I should say, people watched us. We were often stared at, which I thought we had gotten used to in Korea, but this was a little more blatant.
Next, the Pearl Factory. Instead of listening to the demonstration and sales pitch, we sat at a small table and chatted with another couple who were there with their three children. He is prior-service Air Force and working as a government contractor. Dan and he spoke while I talked with his very nice wife.
After a spicy Suchuan meal we went to Wangfujing Street where you can buy snacks not offered in restaurants. Such as starfish, snake, scorpion, octopus, sheep testicles, bee cocoon, Eupolyphaga beetles, water beetles, centipede, Longhorn beetles... I had some fried dough. Boring, but safe.

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