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Beijing Travel Reviews, Beijing Travelogue

Selected Beijing Travel Reviews, Beijing Travelogue from the valuable guests who either haved used our travel service or volunteered to write to us with happily slanted insights! Copious photos and travelogues, travel tips plus inside information about local food, history and languages.

" Great Wall Hiking " >>> Post by Rotem Ben from Brazil
In my 3 days Beijing tour, I had climbed the Great Wall of China, Ming Tombs, Summer Palace. Beijing in Beijing was a really great experience for me and will be memorable in my whole life. I went to the Badaling section of the Great Wall, it is said to be the most popular section of the China Wall. It is really great! It is so long that you can see as far as your sight goes. It is incredible how such a long enormous construction was built over high mountains during the ancient times? It’s amazing. Some parts of the Badaling Great Wall are steep and hard to climb. The steps are very big too. There is a saying in China, “He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man.” So I can proudly say I am a true man I have climbed the Great Wall. LOL.
Ming tombs are the 13 tombs of the Ming Dynasty, we went to the Underground Palace. It is a really big cave, a lot of statues are inside, such as long bearded old men, warriors, gods, ect. Summer Palace is a very large and beautiful place, it takes a lot of energy to walk around all the places inside. A long long arch bridge connected a huge lake and an island in the center of the lake. Many wonderful buildings, temples, architectures, gates are built inside. Because of my limited time, I only have a visit of the exterior of the Tiananmen Square, and Forbidden City, which is really a shame not visit it inside.

" Badaling Great Wall Hiking " >>> Post by Tom Lawson from United States of America
I have already been looking forward to hike the great wall in China, after reading a lot of information, I found Badaling Great Wall is the most popular section of Great Wall. My friend and I got up very early and under other people’s help we finally catch a bus 919 directly to the Badaling Great Wall. After more than 1 hour and a half, we arrived at the destination.
The price of Badaling Great Wall is 50 RMB per person with tourist insurance charge. It was a weekday, but I never have thought there were so many people hiking the Badaling Great Wall. I am from a small town in America, so I really don’t quite like so many people crowded on the great wall. I have heard Jinshanling Great Wall or Mutianyu Great Wall will have less people there but with a higher price, maybe I could a try to these great walls next time.
Another thing make me more uncomfortable is the weather. Because on that day unfortunately it began to rain, but luckily it was just sprinkling. People in different colors raincoats or holding different colors umbrellas have formed scenery on the great wall. It was interesting, from the lower place of great wall you could only see a line of different colors of raincoat and umbrellas zigzag to the upper places of great wall. Though I don’t like the crowded people there, but I really like to Great Wall rain scenery.

" A shamed and wonderful Beijing Zoo tour " >>> Post by Abigail from Austria
In August I took my 2 children visit the Beijing Zoo. I was ashamed to have suggested that I took my children visit this Beijing Zoo. Because it was at weekend, there are a huge number of people visit there. The weather in Beijing was hot, so the crowded people made me a little uncomfortable. But I think if visit there in weekday, it should be better.
My children went there expecting to see the cute pandas bears. However when we visit the Panda House, the pandas were either sleeping or awake but only lay on the ground, they rarely have movement. Once you see movement congratulate yourself. For another thing, the pandas were not as cute as we imagined, my children were a little disappointed to see the dirty pandas. But they like the panda bear souvenirs I brought them very much.
We also have visited Beijing Aquarium inside of Beijing Zoo, this attraction is the only exited experience in our Beijing Zoo trip. Visiting Beijing Aquarium, we had to pay an extra charge of 120 RMB for an adult and 60 RMB for children. Beijing Aquarium should be the highlight in Beijing Zoo and it worth our money. The dolphin and slippery seals show and under water pass were my children’s favorite. We have had a wonderful time in Beijing Aquarium to see the various beautiful fishes and enjoy the show.

" Beijing Night Life " >>> Post by Clarie from France
I stayed in Beijing for about one week, I have learned that Sanlitun Bar street is a cool place to have fun at night. Finished our daily travelling in Beijing, so we decided to have a visit of Sanlitun Bar street at night, just find something to entertain ourself. We took a taxi and arrived there about 6:30 pm.
There are a lot of people there, various bars, shops. The Adidas shop and Apple technological products shop are the most famous two shops there. The Apple technological products are good, but the price is more pricy than my place. The various bars and restaurants are my favourist. Every bar and restaurant has its own features, it is hard to choose which one to dining in. Finally we dicided to dine in a Republik sterreich restaurant. This restaurant is located on the second floor of a building nearby Sanlitun village.
I loved the red wine in this Republik sterreich restaurant, very good, and the price of it is very fair. After our dinner, it is shopping time. We wandered in various shops and see if we could got something good. It was a wonderful night and my friend and I are both enjoyed ourselves.

" My first day in Beijing " >>> Post by Kristina Iris from Benin
Well, my original entire morning in China. away to an earlier start, didn't get should relaxation last evening so sooner or after gave up and obtained up at 6:30. I should be on holidays! away from your map within your accommodation room, it appears that Tian An grownup men rectangular is ordinarily a mere 500 m away from your accommodation so i headed out on foot to discover it. quickly after about an hour of questioning amazing backstreets I headed back again and ended up in an exceptionally terrific path fruit and veggie market. not only a tourist in site, so I tactfully attempted to blend my 6'4" caucasian do it yourself in. stunning peaches, melons, mushroom, chestnuts, beans, and bananas. I couldn't resist and experienced to provide in to among the the path wagons advertising what arrived out getting really well-known breakfast fare. I caved, and purchased one. it experienced been a eco-friendly onion cake like pancake with an egg fried into it, assorted other undentified garnishes and on best a wiener! I ditched the weiner and dug in. it experienced been terrific AND all for just about any whopping 4 Yuan or about 55 cents. I will wait around to determine if I spend for adventureousness! I sooner or after headed reducing the principal drag - Quain grownup men East and within a quantity of blocks I could see Quan grownup men Tower in the complete of Tian An grownup men Square. quickly after coming up away from your underground pedestrian crossing, there it was! Tian An grownup men Square!!!! only a tiny overwhelming to stand and hold it all in. It, like I'm finding so numerous things, is colossal in scale. Just stood and soaked it all in. It is ordinarily a touch of the rainy morning right here these times so the rectangular was a sea of colourful umbrellas. almost totally Asian tourist, the moment in time once more failed at blending in! I guess I drastically better get utilized to it. Walked the length from the rectangular and throughout in the direction of the gates from the Palace Museum. the moment in time again, extraordinary to stand and hold it all in. I do a fast stroll throught the Palace Museum, but I could be on the way back again when I start my tour, I will wait around to obtained back again for just about any drastically better bodily appearance then. I've positioned on instead a quantity of miles previously today, so I have returned in the direction of the accommodation to relaxation for just about any touch as well as the mind out for some additional exploring this afternoon. exceptional morning so far, I've gotten to confirm of two extended standing things on my bucket report today!! Tian An grownup men rectangular - BTDT, the Palace - BTDT!!
I arrived back again to my space and opened the curtains to discover which i possess a obvious look at from the gate in the complete of Tien An grownup men square!!

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