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Beijing Travel Reviews, Beijing Travelogue

Selected Beijing Travel Reviews, Beijing Travelogue from the valuable guests who either haved used our travel service or volunteered to write to us with happily slanted insights! Copious photos and travelogues, travel tips plus inside information about local food, history and languages.

" Lama Temple and Confucius Temple trip " >>> Post by Idy Kallaur from American Samoa
We began these times (after breakfast) possessing a have a look at toward the Yonghe Gong (Lama Temple), a intricate of progressively bigger structures topped with ornate yellow-tiled roofs produced in 1694 and initially belonging toward the Qing prince who would turn out to be the Yongzheng emperor. As was the custom, the intricate was converted to some temple shortly after Yongzheng's proceed toward the Forbidden local community in 1744. The temple is residence to many instead attractive incense burners, which include a especially ornate one from the next courtyard that dates back again to 1746. The Falun Dian (Hall in the Wheel of Law) consists of a 20-ft. bronze statue of Tsongkapa, the founder in the reformist Yellow Hat (Geluk) sect of Tibetan Buddhism, that is now the dominant college of Tibetan Buddhism. The last in the 5 middle halls, the Wanfu Ge (Tower of 10 Thousand Happinesses), homes the temple's prize possession -- an ominous Tibetan-style statue of Maitreya (the long-term Buddha), carved from the solo product of light sandalwood. it is 70 ft + tall, twenty ft of that is underground, and appears from the Guinness publication of world Record. The very first three structures have been element in the reliable complex; the last two have been produced with the Buddhists shortly after they took possession. terrific site; peaceful, an awesome offer of devotees in attendance, burning incense and praying. experienced some time to stroll back again by employing the exhibit halls and shop.
From our guide: Lama could be considered a branch of Buddhism founded from the 7th century; Manchurian Empire believed in buddhism. 4th Emperor, Yongzheng, lived there in between the time he turned 16 and when he started to be Emperor but then nobody else could reside in what experienced been the Emperor’s Palace. eco-friendly roofing for just about any prince, then yellow for the emperor. Buddhism could be the most effective religion, about 20-25% of chinese language courses believe, largely from the South. North, much more Taoism; West, Muslim; some Christians from the East (entry point for Europeans) and some large cities.
Then we walked throughout the path and along a methods to have a look at the Temple of Confucius, which was in the beginning produced in 1302 and additions have been made all through the Ming and Qing dynasties. It could be the next most effective temple produced to Confucius, the most effective thinker and educationalist in historical China. The temple consists of 4 courtyards, and highlights consist of Xianshi Gate (Gate in the very first Teacher), Dacheng Gate (Gate of terrific Accomplishment), Dacheng Hall (Hall of terrific Accomplishment) and Chongshengci (Worship Hall). Dacheng Hall could be the principal making from the temple, especially where the memorial ceremony for Confucius was ordinarily held. inside the temple we viewed some in the 198 stone tablets positioned on both part in the the front courtyard, that contains 51,624 names of Jinshi (the remarkable scholars) in the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. The countrywide Geographic publication I have captured the place: “Like many temples to Confucius, it is dusty, neglected, and redolent of the disappearing age as well as a forgotten book…this could be considered a tranquil reserve of historical cypresses, steles..., crumbling buildings, as well as a forlorn air.” That does not ensure it is unattractive—the peaceful oxygen and calm atmosphere was great. The trees have been beautiful, large and old.

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